Renrakucho notebook for 0/1/2-year-olds

This section contains examples of expressions often encountered in renrakucho messages concerning 0/1/2-year-olds. Since infants cannot express how they feel, close communication between the preschool and the home is very important. Preschool teachers are very concerned about matters including the meals, moods, and sleeping patterns of these young children.

Some renrakucho notebooks contain designated spaces to fill out information such as the desired quantity and temperature of baby formula, information about meals, and so on. You may also add comments about how your child was before or after preschool, how your child was during the weekend, or how your child has been doing recently. Other renrakucho notebooks don’t have a set format, and just allow you to write freely. Whatever the format of your renrakucho notebook may be, sharing information about your child’s behavior or condition, no matter how trivial you think this information may be, will help you work together with the preschool on your child’s care and education.