Making inquiries

Your child's renrakucho notebook can be used to make an inquiry when you want to ask about things to bring or school events. A schoolteacher may write a reply in the renrakucho or may contact you by phone.

However, there are times when it’s better to talk to the teacher directly. If, for example, you are not sure what a kigaebukuro (change-of-clothes bag), ehonbukuro (picture book bag) or zukkubukuro (shoe bag) is, you can see some samples or the teacher may draw a picture to explain.

You may wonder if your question is strange or whether it is only you who is asking such questions, but don’t worry too much! Just ask! There might be some other parents asking the same question, and asking questions and consulting with the teacher may become easier after the first time.

It is also good to talk to and ask questions of other parents who are willing to help and who have a lot of experience because of an older child. It is possible to get information about which shop is best or whether second-hand items are available from other parents.