Conveying your thanks, feelings and thoughts with regards to the school's response


If you approach the preschool with a concern, the preschool will not fail to respond in one way or another. When expressing thanks for this response, you could also inform the school of your child's reactions or behavior, as well as your own feelings. This would be another way to share information with teachers regarding the subject of concern.

It would also be appropriate to express thanks once an issue or problem has been resolved. Sharing a sense of gladness that the problem has been resolved will help to strengthen the bonds of trust between you and the teachers.

Even if, on the other hand, a problem is not resolved to a parent's satisfaction, Japanese parents refrain from expressing anger or annoyance in the renrakucho notebooks, and they also avoid writing critical comments faulting the teachers for their actions or calling them "irresponsible". This reflects a desire on the part of parents to work together with the preschool to resolve problems, along with the realization that whatever is written in a renrakucho remains there permanently and cannot be unwritten. Rather than becoming emotional or criticizing the school or other people in the renrakucho, try to express your desire to work alongside the school in resolving problems.